Curriculum vitae


Niels Robin-Aubertin — engineer in computer science


This CV is presented as a man page. You can find the printable version in pdf here (or in french here). I'm an engineer in computer science passionate about linux, decentralization and minimalism.
Last update: 2020-02-10


niels [--devops] [--web]


--devops Work experience in configuration, security and maintenance of multiple linux distributions: My predilection languages in system administration are Python, Shell (POSIX) and C.
I'm capable of handling cluster of servers with Ansible and Terraform, to deploy container-based applications with Docker and handle network access via Nginx, Traefik, Fail2ban. I know how to administer MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL and optimize them for different workloads.
--web I'm a fullstack dev.

PHP is my main backend language. I'm actively following the evolutions of the language and the ecosystem.

I worked with Angular and React on the frontend.


<Nov. 2018 - June 2019> Devops at Lydia-app. Technical environment: Linux, Docker, Python, MariaDB, Ansible, GCP, Shell, Jenkins <Oct. 2016 - April. 2018> Lead Developer full-stack and System administrator at Ommi. Technical environment: Linux, Docker, PHP, Symfony, Angular, AWS, Shell, MariaDB


All my projects can be found here. Dockerfiles I'm maintaining a collection of docker images that have as goal to be simple to use, lightweight and secure by default. Zusam Zusam is a free and open-source way to self-host private forums for groups of friends. Composed of a server written in PHP exposing a REST API and a webapp, its goal is to be stable, extensible, lightweight and user-friendly. Aggregation and statistics about starcraft 2 pros match results.
Backend+API in Symfony 4 and PostgreSQL.
Chess I've created an AI playing chess.
The AI is made in C and explores the game tree using negamax coupled with MTD-f and a Zobrist transposition table.
I implemented a lightweight multithreading for the process of depth 0 nodes. I created the website for a friend that makes original wedding and baptism invitations.
The website is made with Symfony and act as a lightweight CRM.


<Programming languages> Python, Shell (POSIX), SQL, C, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS <DevOps> Ansible, Docker, Nginx, AWS, GCP, Terraform, Wireguard, Jenkins, Pure-ftpd, Traefik, Fail2Ban <System> Linux (Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS), systemd, s6 <Databases> MariaDB, MySQL, SQLite, PostGreSQL <Tools and frameworks> Git, Vim, Symfony, Angular, React, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Jira, Slack <Languages> French, German, English