Niels Robin-Aubertin

I'm an engineer in computer science passionate about linux, decentralization and minimalism.

You can download the pdf version of my resume here.
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Updated 2019-11-14


Devops at Lydia-app

Nov. 2018 - June 2019

Technical environment: Linux, Docker, Python, MariaDB, Ansible, GCP, shell, SQL, Jenkins

Lead Developer full-stack and System administrator at Ommi

Oct. 2016 - April. 2018

Technical environment: Linux, Docker, PHP, Symfony, Angular, AWS, shell, MariaDB

Web dev (freelance)

Dec. 2017 - Jan. 2018

Technical environment: Linux, Docker, PHP, Symfony, Ansible

Internship at Sword group

June 2014 - Sept. 2014

I participated in the development of frontends for the google search appliances.

Hardware maintenance at Sol Semilla

May 2014


All projects can be found on my github page:


I'm maintaining a collection of docker images that have as goal to be simple to use, lightweight and secure by default.


Zusam is a free and open-source way to self-host private forums for groups of friends. Composed of a server written in PHP exposing a REST API and a lightweight webapp, Zusam is extensible and easy to install.
The goal is to make a stable, extensible, lightweight and user-friendly way to self-host private social groups.

Aggregation and statistics about starcraft 2 pros match results.
Backend+API in Symfony 4 and PostgreSQL.


I've created an AI playing chess.
The AI is made in C and explores the game tree using negamax coupled with MTD-f and a Zobrist transposition table.
I implemented a lightweight multithreading for the process of depth 0 nodes.

Ansible playboks

A collection of ansible playbooks to maintain and secure CentOS 7 servers and its dockerized services.



Work experience in configuration, security and maintenance of multiple linux distributions (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Archlinux).

My predilection languages in system administration are python, C and shell (POSIX).
I'm capable of handling cluster of servers with Ansible, to deploy container-based applications with Docker and handle network access via Nginx, Traefik, Fail2ban.

Systemd is my tool of choice to manage critical and reproductible services on the hosts.

I know how to administer MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL and optimize them for different workloads.

Dev fullstack

PHP is my main language. I'm actively following the evolutions of the language and the ecosystem. I specialised myself in the Symfony framework in 2016 after multiple years of development without any.
I worked with Angular and React on the frontend.


Python, Shell (POSIX), SQL, C, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS
Linux, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Nginx, AWS
Git, Vim, MariaDB, MySQL, SQLite, Symfony, Angular, React


French, German, English


Github: /nrobinaubertin
Linkedin: /in/nrobinaubertin